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Anafrancisca gives lessons in the Kabala, where she teaches you to analyze your own tree of life on four levels or dimensions. This allows you to understand your role in the universe. Because everything in the universe works according to certain supremely powerful principles and laws, by understanding these principles and learning to act according to them, life will improve dramatically in the immediate future. In the long term, you can achieve real joy, happiness, and peace, for yourself and for all humanity. Based on the visualization of the cards of your life you can look at your current situation, where you are located at the physical, mental, spiritual, and astral levels.


You have the opportunity to re-write and co-create the book of your life in the present, discover your missions, clarify your strengths, weaknesses, and your unlimited potential in these levels. 

The fundamental objective is to seek happiness, harmony, balance in every aspect analyzed not only for you but for all human beings with whom you interact. 

You have all the tools to use your intuition your unconditional love as the master keys to open doors and an infinite number of possibilities.

You are the artifice of your future… take the only and best of your past into the present for you to be happy.

The Crystal Angel - Ana Francisca Cardona
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